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Welcome to electchrisburros.com. I am the Libertarian Candidate for State Representative for the 132nd District. I don’t want you to leave my page feeling that you were overwhelmed with too much info, but I also don’t want you to leave not knowing who I am. If you live in the 132nd District, I am one of three names you will see on the ballot in November. I am one of three people who wants to represent you personally to the State of Missouri on your behalf. Therefore, you have a right to know about me and where I stand on the issues you care about. This page does not contain a lot of elaborate graphics, but what it does contain is what I believe is enough information to help you make an informed decision this November.



History About Chris Burros

I have lived in Springfield my entire life. In 2009, I moved to the district after marrying my wife, Angela. I have attended Ozarks Technical Community College, Baptist Bible College, and have a Diploma in Computer Technology from Vatterott College.

In 2006 I worked with the AmeriCorps program at Republic Elementary School instructing students in reading and writing skills. I also had the chance to see firsthand the burden that standardized testing places both on students and on teachers. In 2010 I had the opportunity to work with the Victory Trade School, located in downtown Springfield. The Victory Trade School teaches job and life skills to homeless citizens in t

he Springfield area. When working with the Victory Trade School, I developed and taught a new course in Microsoft Office products to the students at the school.

I have directly assisted other candidates in previous legislative campaigns with their door knocking and media efforts. Just like many of my neighbors, I work in a normal 8-5 job and work to provide for my wife and myself. I hav

e worked in hotel management and currently work for FedEx Trade Networks, the customs broker for FedEx Express. My wife has been a paralegal since 2010. I believe that to call oneself a “representative”, a legislator actually should represent the common citizen in their district. I am invested in my district and I interact with the residents in this area on a daily basis. They want to be able to go to work, enjoy their town, and enjoy their life without the government’s interference. But they also want to live in a safe district. And I believe that Libertarianism offers the best solutions to the problems and challenges facing the residents of the 132nd district.

I believe in government transparency; therefore, if you want to know my position on an issue that concerns you, please email me at electchrisburros@gmail.com

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